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Machine is all electric so no hydraulic oil to spill, leak, or spray.20161122_170606remote1a
Machine has an IR remote control for all functions allowing
 operator to stand 3-5 feet away from moving parts.
Machine has a lockable rotary on/off switch.
Platens use electromagnets with over 2,000 pounds hold per platen.magnets
pilot lightPilot lights on machine and each set of magnets to indicate if power is on.
Proximity switches limit the movement of both platens avoiding machine damage if operator is distracted.
Machine can be easily moved with a pallet jack to locate in building lessening the possibility of fork lift damage.
All electrical boxes are Nema 4X rated with IP66 rating.
Machine is powered by 120 volts and less than 15 amps but all internal circuits are all 24V .
Reduction in repetitive use injuries and lost time accidents from prybar and hammer usage is possible since these tools should no longer be required.
No noise created while machine is on but not completing any movement.