Monetary Benefits

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Wee-Split mold splitter and mold tipper can be easily moved with a pallet jack when installing or if relocation is required in your building saving any rigging expenses .
Maximum opening stroke of 36 ” which minimizes the time the operator must wait for the mold opening or the mold closing.
Both platens movement limited by proximity switches eliminating costly damage if operator is distracted.
Pilot lights on machine and each set of magnets to show if power is on.
Minimum spacing between platens of less than 5″ so that the smallest molds can be closed upon.
Machine can be used directly on the clean room floor saving transport time to another area for splitting.
Movable platen time to full mold opening or mold closing is less than 25 seconds which saves time and effort.
Mold tipper movement to 90 degrees in about 55 seconds under limit load.
Bed can be used as a work table so there isn’t transport requirements.
Tipper platen can be used as a work area after tipping to 90 degrees.
Machine has an IR remote control for all functions which allows the operator to stand 3-5 feet away from moving parts which may affect loss time accidents and insurance costs.

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